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  • Angela Pea

Among one of many brilliant minds in Italy, we present Angela Pea. Having recently graduated from the IUAV University of Venice with a Fashion Design and Multimedia Arts BA Degree, she has gone on to become a fashion and accessory designer. With many learning experiences and expanded knowledge, Pea has created a few capsule series based on various inspirations - and we are happy to present a few highlights here to give you a glimpse into her amazing universe. 

Linee Di Campo examines how a textile can transform into various shapes and purposes due to human manipulation. The classic stripes and florals are the main features of the eight silhouettes in the collection. The balance of different layers allows for the flowers to sprout out of the gradual irregularity of the otherwise precise lines. Using merino wool fibres, Pea utilizes her knowledge of the nuno-felt technique to combine fabrics. The creative research found a base in the balance between Frida Kahlo’s imagery and Tina Modotti’s photography, as they both work with a natural disorder and geometric modularity. The construction of garments is inspired by clothing from the Qing dynasty, which shows itself in these silhouettes.


Un èclèctique destin saw Angela Pea focus on the coexistence between variety and coherence. Different techniques have been used to reinterpret the textiles and graphics in each silhouette. One part of the silhouettes is working around interior styles while the other part works with the Chinese reinterpretation of the sun. Three silhouettes in the middle form a bridge between these two subjects. With the dream world of Amelie Poulain as the fundamental inspiration, Un èclèctique destin made the starting point for the Linee Di Campo collection.


The reinterpretation of historical garments between 1890 and 1930 is the main theme of the capsule collection Forme Fotosensibili. One side features the functionality of the working uniform, seen in the garments of artisans, workers, and soldiers. The other side features the feminine and its revolutionary forms as seen in the suffragette’s coat and the beach pyjamas. The historical research came from pictures of Pea’s grandfather in his field of work and the photography of Irving Penn. Angela Pea displays her skill in embroidery and prints with all the work being done by hand.


Research in the development of Incorruptible Souls was spontaneous and chaotic and came mostly from movies and books. An important aspect of the collection was the creation of a detailed narrative. The geometric shapes and blue gabardine uniforms reflect the totalitarian regime in George Orwell’s 1984, and the heroine of the collection rebels by using garments that do not live up to the functionality of the uniform. Her embroideries on the clothing reveal the deeper story behind each piece.


The knitwear collection Abuse of Reuse was a result of the research of balance between the natural and artificial. The crossing between the uncontaminated and the man-made is where one will find beauty. Plastic packaging waste made into stripes are woven into hemp yarn by using the macramé technique. The experimentation with unconventional materials shows the unexpectedness and imperfections of the final piece.


Angela Pea’s collections are all examples of how experimentation and reinterpretations of history and culture result in pieces that reflect on the modern times and our behaviour. Pea’s consideration of materials, virtue of hard work, creativity, and skill are visible in her high-quality collections, and are pieces of art in our modern world-of-waste.

Linee Di Campo  :  Photography + Postproduction Matilde Sambo   Stylist Angela Pea   Models Giada Zuan + Manuela Storti
Un èclèctique destin  :  Photography + Postproduction Angela Pea   Stylist Angela Pea   Model Giulia Zubiolo
Forme Fotosensibili  :  Photography Sushant Deshmukh   Postproduction Angela Pea   Stylist Silvia Bambi   Model Nina Harraser
Incorruptible Souls  :  Photography + Postproduction Alessandro Settenvini   Stylist Emmanuel Yoro   Model Giorgia Dell’Acquila
Abuse of Reuse  :  Photography + Postproduction Angela Pea   Stylist Angela Pea   Model Eva Suppressa

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