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For his seventh edition of the low-key universe he has developed, Kjetil Aas has been working on refining an already defined aesthetic. The quote by Isamu Noguchi saying "I'm always looking for a new way of saying the same thing." perfectly applies for Kjetil's way of approaching design.

Having been a Woolmark Nominee this past year has evidently inspired Kjetil into implementing a sturdier set of woolen materials such as a heavy wool felt from Hainsworth UK, a woven Merino Wool from Hields Brothers UK and also a soft cotton-wool blend. The natural benefits of working with a material such as wool are countless, but to Kjetil, the most important features includes the softness of the fabric on the skin, the breathability and how the material manages moisture and regulates body temperature when worn. This 7.0 collection is, suitably for us Scandinavian people, made to be worn in cold temperatures.

When I interviewed Kjetil back in January, we spoke excessively about the importance of crafting strong looks from basic styles to improve and fit in with your existing wardrobe. And this seventh version fully adheres to this point of view.

The men's part, Armoire d'homme, features mostly suiting and shirting and is divided between a casual and a more formal looking part. For instance, a suit style is made in 100 % Italian merino wool but simultaneously a funkier and casual option of the same style, a highlight in the collection, is made of cotton corduroy.

For Armoire de femme, the female equivalent to Armoire d'homme, the Italian-made wool suiting is apparent but the female version evidently embodies a Japanese reference in featuring a vanishing lapel detail. A highlight in the female offering is a knee length skirt made of a gorgeous silky tencel fabric along with a blue wool coat from a heavy felt quality from Hainsworth, U.K. The knitwear showcases clear 50's inspired sweaters but also the classic and timeless garments, Kjetil is renowned for.

Once again Amoire Officielle, homme and femme, distinctly embody their love for the clean Scandinavian aesthetic - creating clothing for everyday use. And high-quality everyday clothes are essential if we are to challenge the way we overconsume clothes. These timeless pieces do not appear bland simply because of their rich structure, good fit and continuous refinement. They are getting better.


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