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Words Martin Mitchell
Photographer Valentina Riccardi

Ola and Adri, Polish designer and Spanish artist, are based in Ibiza and work on their brand Accidente con flores. They met when Ola had just finished her degree from the fashion department of the Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp while working in the design team of Haider Ackermann whilst Adri, already an established artist, had just moved to Belgium. Soon after their meeting they became a couple and subsequently decided to work together on what would become Accidente con flores.

Ola and Adri shared the belief that a return to a slower and more genuine experience of both arts and life was needed. Their collaboration started organically with clothes because of Ola's background, but the duo has always had a much broader scope in mind. They dream about opening a space to sell their pieces, but also to share other passions of theirs with the local community such as yoga, foods, and wellness. They wish to establish a hub to bring together friendly and creative people in a sharing and supportive community, something they feel is of vital importance. These days yet a rarity.

The Accidente con flores pieces are all handmade and are designed, cut, and sewn out of their Ibiza studio. They prioritize solutions that are environmentally conscious, sustainable, socially responsible and of great quality so that the garment can have a long life span. Ola and Adri are aware of the consequences the fast fashion industry has on the environment being the second largest source of pollution in the world. They, however, believe they can contribute to improving the industry, and their pieces should serve as examples of how to do it better.


Accidente con flores support local artisans while they also collaborate with suppliers from the city. But they don't just settle with what they do well, they are constantly searching for ways to improve their selection of fabrics, their printing techniques, and their designs. At all times, they consider how they can make the most responsible choice with the most positive impact possible, benefitting both environment and community.

Being a slow fashion brand, Accidente con flores do not work according to the scheme of the fashion industry with multiple deadlines and collections a year. Instead, they create each piece separately as an ongoing process, one that is timeless and consistently growing. They create for every type of woman, with every type of body. Their garments should empower women and encourage them to embrace the natural beauty they all possess.

Accidente con flores is interesting because their work reflects their lives. It is instinctive and emotional. Every decision made is based on a pure and personal rationale withdrawn from mainstream impacts and marketing stunts. It is forged out of a basic need to create and an urge to share a completely honest and transparent creation. Less Magazine can only solute a brand ethos as Accidente con flores' and hope our feature captures the essence of this authentic take on clothes making.


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