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A graduate of class 2012 from Shenkar - College of Engineering and Design, Eliran Nargassi, founded his eponymous menswear label in 2013. He had previously worked for commercial brands, but quickly found himself limited in this role as he had grown tired of the fast changing and trend chasing industry.

Eliran wanted to partake in resurrecting menswear in Isreal and founded his label on the basis of clean, highly wearable, minimalist designs featuring graphic and geometrical elements. His inspiration mainly derives from the personal experiences of being raised in an orthodox Jewish family. Leading a secular lifestyle, Eliran has consistently been drawn towards the tension between religion and secularism and gender related issues when searching for inspiration.


Living as a vegan makes Eliran highly aware of animal rights and the benefits of not working with fabrics derived from animals. Fur and leather are banned from his collections because he wants no part in the mass killings taking place for the purpose of food and clothes. Working mainly in cotton and linen, the silhouettes are primarily slightly oversized with components from the BDSM culture such as slits and holes in the fabrics. Casual, elegant and with distinct notes to his native lands' clothes and classic menswear. His work is for those who love the space and comfort achieved between body and fabric.


Unlike bigger, more commercial brands, Eliran only designs two collections a year containing no more than 20 styles. This helps Eliran in his pursuit to stay clear of trends and build a consistent expression. Being commercial has never been the priority. Additionally, a large part of his designs are made-to-order ensuring a much higher appreciation among his customers as they collaboratively create the garment.

Hereby, Eliran succeeds in creating a look that is both daring and easily translated into a modern wardrobe.


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