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Flock is a collaboration between the textile designers Emilie Carlsen and Siff Pristed. The two creators met during their time at Kolding School of Design where Siff studied textile design and Emilie graphic design. The pair later discovered their common passion for slow fashion, print, and a thoughtful approach to the design process and eventually joined forces to launch Flock in 2016.

The ambition behind the brand and collaboration, Flock, is to stretch the understanding of print regarding layers, patterns, and combinations. The concept revolves around investigating how a simple collection featuring intricate detailing can be versatile and therefore accessible to the biggest possible audience. They intensely consider how digital technology is most efficiently incorporated into their design idiom, and the opportunities occurring when analogue and digital are merged.


The duo believes physical stimulation is essential to human survival and happiness even in our time of digital elongation of our bodies. They believe that despite the enormous impact of computers, and discussion about virtual and reality, textiles and tactility are essential to our existence. An understanding of the importance of textiles fused with the growing digital knowledge can potentially determine the future of clothing. By rethinking reality and aesthetic, Flock has worked on creating tactility in a digitally built universe - constantly recognising the coexistence of tradition and technology as essential.

Their recent collection, Picnic Posse, is a colourful pattern based unisex collection in a simple and functional silhouette. It is inspired by the zeitgeist of today in which boundaries between cultures and gender are blurred. The collection is a contrasting fusion between functional shapes and multicoloured textiles in a vivid universe. Flock wants to challenge the Norse monochromatic aesthetic and instead instigate the senses through color and print.

The pair works in opposite ways; one is targeting body and shape, the other surface and graphics. Therefore, Flock serves as the perfect cooperation for the two designers to share knowledge and expertise in a joint project. Instead of adhering to the monotonous industrial standards of at least 2-4 collections a year, Flock wishes to slowly add to their universe. This way they can continually investigate their aesthetic in both print and silhouette. By insisting on this approach, they hope to inspire their customers to review their shopping behavior and subsequently buy less but better garments.


A focal point for Flock is to reinterpret simple historial shapes in clothing. For instance, the kimono and other authentic Asian uniforms that have been translated into the Flock universe through a range of adjustable and functional details. Flock wants their customers to observe their collection as a unified identity with multitude usage instead of single pieces of clothing for a man or a woman. By allowing for a combination of the different styles because of the gender-neutral appearance, the collection can be perceived as conjoining building blocks with numerous solutions.

Finally, what drives the project bringing clothing with intelligence and passion into the world. By creating unique handcrafted garments in a module based, add-on urging and consumption-minimising universe, Flock is essentially about building a lasting relationship between wearer and garment.


Photographer Katrine Møbius
Models Victor Mads Petersen, Unique Models, Lea Høyrup Nedergaard and Malamin Jaiteh


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