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Back in 2009, Andy Henson and Brent Gold began working together with a common love for the beauty of the untraditional and unconstrained, creating what would turn out to be the jewellery brand Henson. 

The Australian brand works within a distinctly organic, raw and aggressive aura and they put great importance in working with what is already available from nature. The craft and power lie in the recycled materials, selvaged silver, precious stones and gold, along with bone, cured wood, mammoth, and leather forged in an incomparable fusion blending both classic and contemporary jewellery making. Henson is often described as highly conceptual. They aim to embed ‘traces’ of themselves to each piece in the form of hammer or file marks, scratch marks and raw edges as a silent reminder of the journey through human hands.


The hands moulding the creations are the true directors in the studio because they control and shape the entire process individually, and allow for an honest and organic system. This is a system that machines could never replace. A silent product that needs no explanation is the goal for Henson. A reflection on the authentic meaning of creation and the passing on of a message about design without roaring.

For Henson, each piece is subjected to a highly intensive process as they are shaped and constructed manually. It is a process of immense patience because every phase takes hours of work and careful attention. The lengthy and carefully monitored procedure features experimental treatments and accurate polishing, hand-crafted chain links, soldered connections, kiln casts and oxidisation forms among others. Henson is certainly a place of an excessive investigation fueled by their love for the craft of jewellery creation.


Conclusively, Henson is the wilful collision between past handcraft and present technique and taste, forged by the two artisans Andy Henson and Brent Gold. Honing the mastering of certain skills are of immense importance for Less Magazine, therefore we salute the likes of Henson and hope they can inspire with their passion and ability.


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