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  • Lærke Valum

From Copenhagen, we are happy to introduce you to the spacious womenswear designer, Lærke Valum. A 2014 Design School Kolding graduate, her universe revolve around contrasting and combinatory elements. She succeeds in embracing the tension between the simple and the complex parts of clothes making and bridges a minimal yet decorative aesthetic. A balanced and playful sportswear is the apparent result.

Lærke Valum designs embodying traditional values of craftsmanship and shape but constrastingly infuses futuristic and humorous elements to the voluminous base. A focal value for Lærke is to humbly maintain a handcrafted quality in every piece created. She wishes to investigate sartorial matters respecting the past yet aiming at inspiring a new slow fashion paradigm. For instance, she adds dimensional machine embroidery to her instinctive shapes.


Her latest collection, Lighthan, departed from dreams about Japanese Goldlightan robots, motocross and perceptive movement in a synergetic creativity. By combining her recurring embroidery features with the irregular patterns of duvet quilts, the result is an architectonic and playful range of clothes. The playfulness is pivotal to the creative process of the young brand because it ensures conceptuality in both the journey and the final product.

Also, Lærke has worked on gradually developing an outline method combining 3d sketching collages with draping in different scales. For a highly silhouette attentive designer like Lærke, the 3D phase serves as an essential point of creation. The opportunity to immediately create a three-dimensional shape helps nurturing the process. Next, follows formal fabric experimentation, draping and sewing samples - fully three-dimensional throughout the entire process.

Her overall vision is to utilise visualisation and storytelling to create intriguing garments. Lærke wishes to spark a change from trends to a slower fashion system. By challenging the conception of time regarding garment creation, she is commenting on the industry's pace and enormous production cycle. She has recognised the importance of allowing herself the necessary time to infuse the brand with substance. Therefore, her clothes are as much about production, methods and quality as it is about the final product. Her sustainable vision lies in highlighting the art of design's most important virtue: storytelling.


Lærke Valum is a product of a newly recognised wave of young Scandinavian designers embracing and introducing new ways of perceiving not only slow fashion but fashion in general. By allowing for experimentation, process and craftsmanship garments will substantially increase their life span. With her creations, Lærke visualises a playful and arty side to clothes which are essential to improving their relevance in our time of overconsumption. Time spent in one end is time earned in the other.


This video is part Copenhagen Fashion Film's Nordic program, has been shown at Días Nórdicos in Madrid, and will be showcased in Chilean at Santiago International Fashion Film Festival.

Video credits

Design Lærke Valum
Cinematographer Jesper Duelund
Cutting Marianna Bjørgheim
Music Andreas Busk
Stylist Nanna Rosenfeldt
Model Agnes Kristiansen
Make-up & hair Emilie Preskou

Thanks to:
Danish Arts Foundation
Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond


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