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From Alicante, Spain, we would like to introduce you to the sustainable footwear project, Petrucha. Petrucha creates unconventional leather shoes with immense respect for their surroundings and the environment. They believe in human beings and not gender and therefore, their brand revolves around creating objects for all regardless of gender.

Anaid Cano and Josep Vila, the founding team behind the brand, started working together in 2008 and through this gained an extensive grasp on the industry of footwear. However, to be able to work in depth with their creativity and craft shoes in tune with their values and beliefs of a slower production, they broke with conventionality and founded Petrucha in 2014. The result is genuinely detail oriented shoes echoing an ancestral mindset through presenting a pure and simple product.

Petrucha inherited its name from Anaid's maternal grandmother, who used the name affectionate towards her closest relatives. That passion is what Anaid and Josep feel Petrucha use in their production. The intensity and strength of Anaid's grandmother are essentially what they want their brand to exude. Furthermore, the brand is the symbol of their personal evolution and the attempt to build a brand and life consciously.


The duo views sustainability as a necessary and permanent learning process integrating ethics and consciousness in all areas of production. They believe the fashion industry has been pushing boundaries of what is acceptable to the limits with overbooked calendars, endless collections and never-ending sales. Instead, they wish to apply a timelessness to the core of values in the industry. By creating continued and carefully thought out items ignoring ideas about collections, season and newest trends, their creations set out to never lose value.

The Petrucha philosophy revolves heavily around the thought of a circular system both in terms of creation and in production. They only choose materials with specific certification that have been tested to have the lowest possible environmental impact. And this applies to every stage of their process. If materials do not adhere to these requirements, they will simply not be part of the Petrucha production.


Behind Petrucha obviously, lies immense craftsmanship. They distinguish themselves from the industry by a slow process that requires excellent care and treatment. For instance, the majority of their shoes feature no back stitch. The leather is simply placed directly onto the last after being cut and treated by hand. Furthermore, they continually experiment in their small workshop until a satisfactory result is achieved and therefore, time is no obstacle in the Petrucha universe.

By leading the way in the pursuit of change within the system, Petrucha hopes to inspire a humane and healthier fashion industry to continue creating beautiful objects. The slow and extensive process is one to admire - and the result speaks for itself. Petrucha's distinct creations stand out in this world of endless shoe production.


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