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  • Keta Gutmane

We presented you to the brand Keta Gutmane, back in January. Now, as we research intensively before writing about a brand or a designer, we want to share their latest body of work to follow up on their progression. We wish to engage in the processes of the brands that we have shown our initial support.

Latvian designer, Keta Gutmane, whose work we have come to appreciate, builds her collections based on wearability and flexibility. She is renown for bridging the interior and exterior. The atelier proposes an open dialogue. One that is democratic and carefully shaped by the contours of their creative process. A process aimed at enhancing individual potential.


By researching the uniforms of the 1980's Soviet Empire, she wants to remind us of the effeminate women during that period. The liberating feeling of wearing clothes in boyish silhouettes is important and the restraint free appeal is in perfect coherence with the loosely constructed garments omnipresent in the universe of Keta.

This era is one to learn from, according to Keta. One way is by inviting the past to engage with the present as these garments subserviently neglect the rules of form. The boxy overexaggerated shape and pattern making suggest an understated frame for dressing. The colour scheme is dominated by the morose architectural palette of the 1980's.


The collection explores the surface and textural contrasts of its materials. Moreover, it introduces a range of flexible and durable fabrics. These technical materials of the collection are arranged in a playful manner and the sleeker choice of materials complement the universe.

Conclusively, this group of garments serves as a salute to embracing your inner heroine and exploring new horizons. Keta Gutmane is still very much in tune with our values. One that is open to those who observe before they engage - in anything in life.


Photographer Martins Cirulis
Art Director Marlo Saalmink
Shoes The Last Conspiracy
Model Liene Podina
Make-up Aija Udentina


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