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  • Madara Freimane

Social Media tends only to urge us to exhibit the shiny parts of life. But under even the most polished surface we all are human beings. We experience ups and downs. We feel stress, anger, fear and many other internally hidden emotions that will never see the light of day. Even the most positive beings will eventually experience a down period. What is important is to embrace those as an essential part of our lives. The uproaring downs will further heighten the ecstasy of the ups. This editorial explores the emotions we tend to hide from the rest of the world and encourages the viewer to accept it as a part of their journey.

Photographer Madara Freimane
Stylist Alexa Chen
Make-up Laura Lo Presti
Hair Amidat Giwa
Model Isabella B, Named Models

01-02 Trousers Hanger     03-06 Dress Renli Su     07-10 All Hanger     11-13 Jacket Fonnesbech     17-18 Trousers Filippa K Top and Jacket Hanger

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