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Issue 08


The eight issue of Less Magazine revolves around the concept of glocalization. The term, which was first introduced in the 1980s consists of the words “global” and “local” and refers to a practice that takes into account both local and global considerations in the conduct of business. Introducing the term into the perspective of slow clothing, we are proud to feature a line very different articles that in their own way showcase and investigate how the influence of a more globalized way of interacting in the world of fashion can have an effect on both the production line, and the mindset of the consumers. It is both an interesting and important topic when dealing with sustainability, because it offers a way of describing and giving attention to the wide range of challenges and opportunities that a globalized world and industry represent. This issue will give you an introduction to what this term really means, both to the fashion industry and to you as a consumer.

Glocalization is explored in writing through the discussion of outsourced labor and sweatshops in Asia, virgin materials versus production waste, and white privilege in the fashion industry with an emphasis on the new narrative of Africa to name a few. This issue also features an interview with Henrik Vibskov and we were fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to dig deep into his archive of collections to shoot a series showcasing some of his best creations in a unified universe. Glocalization has been visually interpreted in a variety of ways. One photographer put forward a Russian idea of limited clothes waste where the items they stop wearing in public, are worn at home instead and thereby enhance the life span of their clothes. Another contributor’s interpretation merged uncultivated items with cultivated items, nature and man-made things in an attempt to showcase the adaptation that is happening organically but is also happening regularly in the fashion industry. This and many other things can be found in this issue and we hope you will enjoy flicking through it.

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