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  • Kim Brink

Slow fashion does not only evolve around sustainable production but is also about the way we consume. Being conscious consumers, buying only what we need, and wearing what we have. By taking care of the garments we choose to include in our wardrobes and everyday styles and pick sustainably produced pieces with potential for a long life with the potential of building a diverse relationship to.
For this feature, Kim is wearing black and airy outfit using garments that can easily be matched with different styles already in your wardrobe - a thoughtful way of approaching slow.

The dress is created by Danish brand POPUPSHOP - known for their responsible production and close relationship to their factory in Turkey and for their environmentally friendly methods of digital printing. Furthermore, POPUPSHOP tries to involve as much certified organic materials in their collections as possible. This specific dress is made out of viscose but is dyed sustainably, without using any heavy chemicals. The dress is highly transformative and therefore have a long life span. It works just as great during a weekday or for a night out.

The beautiful coat is a second-hand piece, from House of Dagmar - classic and timeless with a characteristic use of two-toned materials lifting it from the blandness of an all-black garment. Worn underneath the coat is another sustainable choice, from Swedish Stockings. Recycled yarn, environmentally friendly dyes, post-dyeing water treatment and a conscious production, involving a factory using mostly solar energy, are just a few of Swedish Stockings key points when approaching sustainability.

Finally, a pair of highly versatile Veja sneakers. This pair of sneakers go with basically everything, and in this feature, Kim is wearing a black and grey version of a classic style from Veja featuring their signature V for Veja logo in a gold metallic color. Veja as a brand dedicates considerable effort towards every single detail in their production, in order to minimise their impact on the environment. They consciously select everything from their leather, rubber, cotton and of course only use vegetable dyes.

Choosing garments and items that have high wearability, and can be used in many different ways and styles, is key to a sustainable consumer culture and to slow down fashion. Kim is wearing a perfect representation of timeless selections that embodies this ideal.


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