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  • Pilou

This photo series is a collaboration between photographer Maja Karen and Scandinavian slow fashion brand, The Pilou. The minimalistic story aims at presenting the multi-functionality of the garments of the brand. Their pieces can be altered continuously, into a vest, a dress or a poncho in a variety of fabrics including lambswool, cashmere silk, and cotton.

The brand was created in 2013 by Swede Louise Nilsson and Norwegian Thea Messel with a desire to create any-occasion clothing for women. Initially, the brand only consisted of a pilou in black wool but through meticulously testing of the possibilities, their range has broadened with the same initial idea as the backbone. What makes The Pilou such an interesting brand, is their democratic approach to dressing all women, regardless of size or shape.

Photographer Maja Karen
Model Linnea Thomasia
Clothes The Pilou


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