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Less Magazine is looking for an editor with academic background for written content

Do you want to create change and inspire in the field of fashion and clothing, through clever and critical articles and beautiful and creative collaborations?

We are looking for a new editor who:

• Always sees the big picture and is a realist
• Has a desire to put sustainability, slow clothing and intelligent writing on fashion/clothing on the agenda
• Strongly identifies with Less Magazine’s understanding of Slow Clothing
• Has an academic background or is a university student (anthropology, sociology, ethnology, art history, communication and media or other relevant fields)
• Has experience or special talent for writing
• Has patience and lots of ideas, and wants to guide and edit the work of people from all over the world.
• Is creative, critical, perfectionistic, independent and patient.
• Is fluent in English
• Is not afraid to suggest something big and do something about it.

You will:

• Be an important part of a committed team in a progressive start up and have great responsibly and influence of the future development of the magazine
• Gain leadership experience
• Become a central actor in creating change and awareness within the consumer culture and the business of fashion in Scandinavia
• Create a huge network within the Danish fashion industry and academic environment concerning fashion.
• Have access to fashion weeks

The working hours are very flexible and are approximate 5-10 hours per week, but with both very calm and very busy periods throughout the year. The busy period is typically around deadline for articles (1 month before publishing) and in the week just before publishing. The magazine is out every August and February in connection with Copenhagen Fashion Week.

When you start at Less magazine, you will work closely together with the editor Pernille Mosbech from now until next issue is out in August 2016. Thereafter you will take overall editorial responsibilities for the coming issues together with visual editor Martin Mitchell.

As Less Magazine is non-profit we cannot offer a salary. Partnership will be offered after the training period is over in August 2016.

For questions, please call Pernille Mosbech at: +45 60 21 80 47 or email

Send your CV and cover letter to as soon as possible and no later than March 5th.
Interviews will be held continually.

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