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  • The Angel on the Stairs

The Angel on the Stairs tells a story about the coming of an angel on Earth by the stairs of a building: an intimate imaginary fairytale.

The image is never as you would expect. In this sense surprise is what fuels the explorations of this story. Shots of reality seem to coexist with dreams. Past, present and future disappear, leaving space for just spirit, in its timeless qualities: immortal emotions, so immaterial and yet at the same time concrete.

Photographer Maria Grazia Mormando
Model Camilla Dobrovich, Zoe Models (Roma)
Clothes from Aspecifico Atelier, Myriam B. (Roma), La Perla, Max e Co. 
Jewellery by Aspecifico Atelier, Myriam B. (Roma)
Wings by Maria Grazia Mormando

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