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Photographer Tom Kleinschmidt Stylist Veronika Dorosheva 
MUA Patricia Hoos using Kevin Murphy and Hiro Cosmetic
MUA assistant Meike Ewend Models Julia and Sophie

There is something mysterious about identical twins. Just imagine if your mirror self got a life of its own... Would it still be you or someone else? "Twins" aims to explore the notion of identity as both the sameness or oneness and the individuality. The twins Julia and Sophie are photographed together wearing similar or even identical clothes. But when you look carefully and pay attention you will see slight differences in their attire and their beautiful faces. These, the tiny differences, are what matter.

01 + 03   All clothes 22/4 Hommes Femmes     02   All clothes Model’s own     04   All clothes 22/4 Hommes Femmes   Belt Vintage     05   All clothes 22/4 Hommes Femmes   Boots Dr. Martens     06 - 08   All clothes 22/4 Hommes Femmes     09 + 10   Jacket + Skirt Ksenia Schnaider seen at Happy Shop Berlin   Jeans Wood Wood

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