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"Outside the beaten tracks, something beautiful is often created"

Untold Paths is the second story in the long-running project, NOON Concepts, missioned to embody the feeling of freedom. This project takes place in nature because we wanted to create a contrast for the colours and shapes of the clothing. Cooperating with the stylist, Anna Hoffman, and designer, Barbara Langendijk, this new series worked as a collage of emotions and expressions. With no expectations to fulfil, we were guided only by our intuition.


In everyday life, we are faced with numerous incentives that we store in our minds. They leave an impression, evoking our emotions. However, we keep these emotions close and they are never shown to the world outside. They are stuck in our bodies incapable of being released. This story captures the powerful desire to set them free. The body is no longer dependent of the garment. Every individual is capable of creating their own story by using the garment they are wearing. This project serves as an ongoing experiment involving loose fragments with one thing in common: the free expression of the body and the manifestation of the internally hidden emotions by the motion of the dancers.


Photographers Sarah Distel & Lianne Huizing, NOON Concepts
Stylist Anna Hoffman
Designs Barbara Langendijk
Make-up & hair Bastien Zorzetto
Dancers Vincenzo de Rosa & Dion Savelkoul


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