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Lapidarium is a young, contemporary womenswear brand created by the two women Marta Gos and Martyna Sobczak, graduates from the London College of Fashion in Fashion Design Technology Menswear. The brand takes experiences of flora and fauna from everyday life to gather colour, pattern, and structural inspiration. The brand works with abstract, playful lines and vivid colour compositions.

Every one of Lapidarium’s collections revolves around a sustainable and mindful sourcing of fabrics. They select suppliers based on their ability to produce fabric that is low-impact, organic, certified, and easily recycled. The designers work on zero-waste and closed-loop technologies by experimenting on textile waste, recycling, and upcycling ideas. High quality 100% regenerated polyamide fibre from post-consumer material is used to make jersey for instance. The organic cotton jerseys are made from undyed and unbleached cotton, that is farmed and produced sustainably and ethically while being certified by OCCGuarantee and GOTS. The woven fabrics are low-impact and originate from British, Italian, and French textile mills. All the screen printing is done by independent London-based printers Fairbairn & Wolf Studio and Dot-Studio, who use water-based ink in small production runs.


Lapidarium’s relation to slow fashion is seen in their sense of craftsmanship, as they create interesting print illusion outcomes by experimenting with various techniques, such as needle felting and hand stitching. Using a special foiling techniques, Lapidarium also upcycle garments and deadstock fabrics. Their website will soon launch a service where shoes and clothing from customers can be upcycled and repaired and sent back to them in a better state than before. With this, Lapidarium seeks to inspire a longer lifespan for products within the fashion circle by bringing repairs and crafts into high-end fashion. As they dream of a closed-loop system, their use of sustainably friendly fabric from mills and deadstock garments allows them to create and recreate collections, while maintaining a 100% circular economy.

Lapidarium does not create seasonable collections but rather wants to showcase during fashion weeks to present more exciting and sustainable production and approaches. They aim to bring more socially and environmentally conscious clothing to the high-end consumers and markets. Lapidarium’s second collection, MANIFA, was created to protest the stricter abortion law that was proposed by the current Polish government in 2016. The existing legislation was retained while the stricter amendment to the law was rejected, after many women went on strike during Black Monday in October 2016. The embroidered and printed badges on the clothing feature metaphors and symbols designed by Edgar Bak Studio, which can be translated from Polish as ‘Women rights’ and ‘my body, my choice’. This idea comes from the unified power of brave, contemporary women and sisterhood. Another source of inspiration are the female racing drivers of the 70s and 80s, which is evident in colour choice, prints, lines seen on the cars and tracks from this time.

Lapidarium is a label that has successfully managed to create unique pieces of clothing for contemporary and conscious consumers while working on sustainability through fabric development, production techniques, and waste management processes. The label is the brainchild of two female designers, made for strong and independent women, objecting to the socially created norms of modern society.

Lookbook photos
Photography Kasia Rucinska   Art Direction Kamil Szczapaniak   Stylist Marta Gos   Make-up Suyane Abreu   Hair Lisa Risa Yoshida   Model Marie Lüder   Postproduction Andrzej Strzalkowski   Embroidery + print design Edgar Bak Studio

Campaign photos
Photography Adam Plucinski / MOVE   Art Direction Joanna Skiba / Måndag Studio   Make-up Agata Kalbarczyk   Hair Gor Duryan   Models Alicja, Ewa, Maria, Milena, Ola / Rebel Models   Right hand Filip Zwierzchowski   Postproduction Andrzej Strzalkowski   Production Zofia Gulczynska, Magdalena Opacka / MOVE   Typography & embroidery design + brand direction Edgar Bąk Studio

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