How can you figure out where two cities are halfway?



To find the halfway point between two cities, use an internet tool or app like MeetWays or When you reach the halfway mark, you can choose whether you want to stop at a restaurant or another location. You may also use a map and some basic algebra to find the halfway between two cities.

To find the midway point between two cities by hand, use a map to compute the distance between them. You can also use a website like TravelMath or MapQuest to figure out how far apart the two cities are. Subtract two from the distance between the two cities. The resulting number is the distance between the two cities in miles. Consult a map to determine the resulting midpoint along your planned journey. Use an online map instead if you prefer to calculate the midpoint based on travel time rather than mileage.

When you fly or drive between cities, some websites, such as TravelMath, compute the midpoint by time or distance when you enter the cities’ names. This can change the outcome. Melia, Nebraska, for example, is the halfway point between New York City and Las Vegas. When flying, however, the halfway point is placed in Omaha, Nebraska, which is 19 miles off-center.

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