In “World of Warcraft,” how do you go to Dustwallow Marsh?



Traveling to the Wetlands and taking the boat from Menethil Harbor to Theramore Isle, Dustwallow Marsh’s capital, is the easiest way to get to Dustwallow Marsh in “World of Warcraft.” The shortest method reach Menethil Harbor is to travel to the Wetlands by gryphon using a pre-learned flying path.

To get to Ironforge, take the Deeprun Tram.

To get to Ironforge, take the Deeprun Tram from Stormwind City. Enter Dun Morogh by exiting Ironforge through the gate behind the Commons in the city’s southernmost section.

Take a route to the Wetlands.

Take a flight path to the Wetlands from Dun Morogh; this can only be done if a flight path has already been mastered.

Experiencing Loch Modan

If a flight path is not accessible, enter Loch Modan via the easternmost trail of Dun Morogh. Travel via Loch Modan to Algaz Station’s northernmost walkway, which leads to the Dun Algaz stairs.

Experiencing the Wetlands

To enter the Wetlands, descend the stairs of Dun Algaz. Follow the trail to Menethil Harbor that begins at Slabchisel’s Survey.

Take the ferry over to Theramore Isle.

To get to Theramore Isle, take the westernmost boat from Menethil Harbor. Disembark from the boat at Theramore Isle to access Dustwallow Marsh.

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