Is it possible for a wasp to survive without food for an extended period of time?



Wasps typically have a life cycle that lasts from spring to fall, during which time they feed on nectar, garbage, and insects in the region. They are unlikely to die of malnutrition at this time, but will instead go through their typical life cycle. In most cases, any wasp that is still alive in the winter dies from malnutrition in a matter of days.

A wasp’s life cycle is determined by its location within the colony. Fertile females, often known as queen bees, can live for a year, whereas worker sterile females may only live for 20 days. Worker wasp males have been recorded to live for up to six weeks. The life cycle begins in the spring, when the queen bee begins her search for mates. When she finds the ideal location for her nest, she quickly transforms it into a colony.

Wasps can construct their nests out of mud or wood. From August to October, females, not males, are designated to protect the nest and are the most hostile. Wasps are light-sensitive and so do not fly at night.

Wasp nests come in a variety of sizes, although larger nests can store up to 10,000 insects over the summer. Those types of nests, however, are uncommon, and the average-sized nest can store up to 4,000 insects. Wasps die out during the winter because their food supplies are cut off. Because the insects live on nectar and other similar foods, they will go hungry if the food isn’t accessible during the winter months.

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