Is it still possible to get Pacquin Hand Cream?



The maker of Pacquin hand cream has stopped producing it. The product is no longer on shop shelves, however it is available for purchase on websites such as

Pfizer acquired Johnson and Johnson’s health and beauty line in 2006, and Pacquin hand cream manufacture ceased. Since its introduction to the market in the 1960s, Pacquin has attracted a devoted following, and these fans have been looking for replacements to the cream since it was discontinued.

Pacquin users still have a few choices for getting their hands on their favourite hand cream. They might be able to find jars of this cream in stores, flea markets, or online auction sites like, or they might be able to come up with a reasonable substitute. Udder Cream is one such option, having been named a Top 10 Must Have Beauty Product by San Francisco 7 News.

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