Is there a Raikes Bears Collectibles Price Guide Available Online?



Although there is no single internet pricing guide for Raikes teddy bears, various sites, including, Lunch Time Shopper, WorthPoint, and eBay, provide both value estimates and sellers’ asking prices. It is easy to compare postings across several sites to obtain a clear approximation of price.

Raikes teddy bears have hand-carved wooden faces and are made of mohair. From 1985 to 2010, each bear was designed by Robert Raikes and sold through the Applause company. Because the company no longer produces the bears, there is no secondary market for them.

Raikes Bears are listed on many collectibles websites. WorthPoint is a website that charges a fee to price antiques and collectibles. Users can join this site and enter their products, such as the Raikes Bears, to receive a value via the website or mobile app. As of 2015, the Raikes Bears for sale or auction on eBay range in price from $1 to thousands of dollars.

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