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Issue 09


Through the scope of hybridization, this 9th issue of Less Magazine offers a deeper look into some of the biggest concepts developing in the slow fashion scene at the moment. Using new techniques, materials, and ways of interpreting design and timelessness, the foundations of form is changing. Designers are moving away from fast fashion’s ready-to-wear treadmill, creating a new synergy in the fashion industry that allows a greater understanding and appreciation of handicraft and durability. 

Through visual interpretations, deep digging articles, and interviews showcasing some of the greatest designer minds in our field, we present to you the issue on Hybridization. Allow these following pages to inspire you to think about what you value when allowing new items into your wardrobe, how you curate your collection of garments, and in what way we can think about fashion, and slow fashion in particular, by creating a symbioses between timelessness, and modern techniques, methods and materials. 

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