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Words Silja Björk
Photographer Joakim Heltne

Less Magazine is happy to present the multi-creative Aure studio. Aure studio was born and is slowly growing in Raadvad, in a former knife factory north of Copenhagen. The studio consists of the four individuals: Johanne, Fredrik, Filip, and Sjur, who know each other from their homeland Norway. For some time they have been wanting to create something together but did not manage to do so before they all moved to Copenhagen. After having lived in the Danish capital for a while, they started Aure based on a shared aesthetics and a motivation to work across disciplines symbiotically and creatively within the autonomous studio.


With a strong and diverse set of skills, Aure studio creates various objects, interiors, visual designs and garments strongly inspired by natural materials like rough paper, cotton and natural dyeing. They focus on organic growth and building their brand piece by piece, in a slow manner. Each product or garment should serve to inspire the next project – just as their first printed artwork was inspired by a 1941 drawing by a grandmother. This inspiration also laid the ground for what became their very first uni-sex garment collection launched during Copenhagen Fashion Week in 2017, which in effect will lead to future projects at the studio.


At the center of the design process is versatility and the Aure Garment collection is characterised by its small-scale and attention to handicraft in a made-to-order system. The use of unbleached cotton twill gives the surface a unique character while a natural white color and a loose fit allow for all types of people regardless of sex, shape and style can wear a piece from the collection.

To Aure studio it's about making valuable and personal connections across the supply chain while thinking long-term value instead of short-term profit.

You can read more about them here.


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