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Words Mia Thornemann Hansen
Photographer Jesse Ash
Styling Kathryne Radburn
Hair Julie Matson

We are delighted to introduce you to the Montreal-based jewellery brand RYHN. Behind the brand is the designer and metalsmith Kathryne Radburn who creates raw and texture-rich jewellery inspired by the great and luscious Canadian landscapes.

Kathryne’s inaugural collection is named The Idylls after the feeling of longing for both a place and the romance of a landscape. This is combined in a careful embrace of the feminine and the masculine, showcasing exactly how the mix of contemporary and timeless designs can be combined in beautifully handcrafted pieces that demonstrate both texture and minimalist shapes.


This is mirrored in the origin of The Idylls collection which came about as a result of an experiment between different shapes and textures. The inspiration for the collection came from her frequent travels between the East Coast of Canada and the City of Montreal. During her travels, Kathryne collected small artifacts ranging from small barnacles to various rocks. These were combined with the discovery of a photo book by Roloff Beny entitled 'To Every Thing There Is A Season’ depicting the wild and unapologetic Canadian landscape. The evocative imagery inspired the story and the raw finish of The Idylls collection.

Kathryne has inherited her entrepreneurial spirit from both her great-grandfather who worked as a furrier and her mother who trained as an haute-couture seamstress in Ottawa. The family history of craftsmanship sparked Kathryne's dedication to making a sustainable living from her work, which is apparent in the ethical production of RYHN pieces. These are all made in the designer’s studio using only high-quality materials such as Sterling silver and 14K gold sourced through local suppliers, along with all stones and gems. Following the integral aesthetic and natural properties of the materials that only get finer with age and wear make RYHN pieces modern heirlooms meant to be worn.


As a classically trained craftsman, Kathryne has been taught to polish metals like Sterling silver to remove all unwanted marks and scratches. This traditional pristine finish, however, isn’t made to endure time and exposure to the elements and the silver scratches and tarnishes easily; but these are traits Radburn has chosen to embrace rather than fear as others might. Instead, Kathryne’s pieces are metal brushed after being polished to create the inevitable scratched surface. Patina is finally applied to give depth and contrast. With this process, the patinated aesthetic of RYHN pieces improves over time as the pieces are worn.

"I find this approach to materials more enjoyable and elegant as it elevates the pieces with an intention to give them a long life of use. I have no desire to create disposable objects. That's also why the pieces are made to order. Each piece is made with intention and detail, and nothing is wasted.” - Kathryne Radburn.


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