On a check, what does “Return to Maker” mean?



Return to maker, also known as refer to maker, refers to the requirement for the person who received the check to refer or return to the check’s original writer in order to determine why the check was not accepted or returned. Checks are often returned with an RTM stamp, requiring the recipient or depositor of the check to contact the person who initially wrote the check.

If the check writer or maker is unsure why the check was returned, the writer or creator of the check should contact their bank to find out why the check was returned. Due to security concerns, the check’s recipient will be unable to contact the check’s writer or maker’s bank to find out. Furthermore, any check having an RTM stamp on it cannot be redeposited.

According to a Federal Reserve study on non-cash payments, plastic money via credit cards and debit cards has become increasingly popular, with check processing volume falling from $30.5 billion in 2006 to $24.5 billion in 2009. Checks are still widely used because they provide a better record of a transaction than a plastic payment. Many people keep meticulous records of payments to friends, relatives, small charities, home repair contractors, and other small or micro companies.

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