On a letter, what does “Attn” mean?



The letter “Attn” stands for “attention” and indicates the attention line. The attention line designates who within a company should get a letter or package.

When sending a letter or package to a major corporation, the “attn” or attention line is utilised. When correspondence or packages reach an organization’s mail room, the attention line makes it apparent who the intended receiver is. The attention line is beneficial for people who want to communicate with someone as a representative of an organisation rather than as an individual. On a letter or package, the attention line should be put above the organization’s name. When addressing a package, the United States Postal Service advises against using “attn,” instead writing the exact recipient’s name above the organization’s name. The attention line appears above the salutation in a business letter.

Outside of the context of a letter, “attn” is just slang for “attention.” In non-professional internet interactions or works of literature that purposely disrupt traditional language, the abbreviation is frequently employed. The concept of attention is focusing on one item while disregarding all other aspects of one’s environment, a term that closely resembles the abbreviation’s application in addressing a piece of mail.

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