What Are Some Static Friction Examples?



The form of friction that prevents an object from moving on its own without the assistance of another force is known as static friction. It’s one of the most powerful forms of friction, and it’s at work all around you. In everyday life, there are several examples of static friction. Other types of friction exist in addition to static friction.

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Stopping Time

Static friction can manifest itself in your own body. Do you ever wonder why you don’t keep walking once you’ve stopped? You’re an illustration of static friction in action when you stop walking and stand motionless. When you’re seated on a surface or your body is in any manner immobilised, the same idea applies.

When you stop walking, static friction acts between your feet and the ground or floor, preventing you from slipping backward or moving out of your control. Static friction locks you in place since it takes action on your part to get going again.

On the Floor: Furniture

Because your furniture is heavy, you can’t move it around with even the lightest touch when it’s on the floor. Static friction is the reason your furniture doesn’t move around on the floor for no apparent reason.

You can’t move a piece of furniture without exerting some force yourself. The force that prevents your furniture from just sliding over the floor is known as static friction. Anything on your house’s floor might otherwise move around with the slightest touch or bump.

A Car Stopped on a Level Surface

When you’re driving and you want to come to a complete stop, you must apply friction. You’re witnessing static friction at work if you’re on a flat surface and can take your foot off the brake and the car doesn’t move.

Static friction is what keeps your automobile from moving on a flat road or driveway. The static friction between your tyres and the ground protects the car from rolling by holding it in place. When you take your foot off the brake or drive out of park and your automobile rolls, a different type of friction is created.

You Can Try This Static Friction Experiment

To test the principle of static friction, conduct the following experiment. Take a book from your shelf and place it against a wall in your room. It will slide to the floor if you try to rest it against the wall without putting weight on it. For the wall to stay, you must exert your own effort.

The force you provide to the book activates the principle of static friction, which keeps the book in place. A youngster climbing up a door frame is a good analogy. To enact static friction and prevent sliding down on the floor, he or she must apply the force of his or her weight to the door frame.

Friction in Other Forms

There are three other types of friction that have various effects on objects. Sliding friction is the kind of friction that occurs when an object slides across a surface. When you’re sliding down a playground slide, this is an apparent illustration. Writing with a pen or pencil is another example of sliding friction at action. The ink or lead can adhere to the paper you’re writing on because to sliding friction.

Rolling friction is exactly what it sounds like: friction that occurs when an object rolls along a surface. To return to the example of a stopped car, rolling friction is at work when you remove your foot off the brake and the car moves. It’s for this reason that most modes of ground transportation rely on wheels.

When an object moves through a fluid, friction occurs. Because gases also interact with fluid friction, the fluid doesn’t have to be liquid. A paratrooper slowing down when the parachute deploys and swimmers feeling resistance as they glide their hands through the water are both examples of friction.

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