What Are the It Works Greens Side Effects?



According to Amazon.com and WebMD, some elements in It Works Greens, including as magnesium and potassium, may produce negative effects such as stomach distress and vomiting. The supplement’s producer, on the other hand, makes no mention of any potential negative effects.

Most people are safe with potassium, although it might induce symptoms including nausea, diarrhoea, and intestinal gas, according to WebMD. An excessive amount of potassium can cause burning, tingling, weakness, dizziness, paralysis, and an irregular pulse. Metal disorientation and death are also possible side effects with high doses. Potassium supplements should be avoided by those with certain digestive issues since they can induce an excess of potassium in the body.

According to WebMD, magnesium can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and stomach distress in some people. When taken in large doses, it can cause serious side effects such low blood pressure, disorientation, coma, and death. In addition to abnormal heart rhythm and delayed breathing, excessive doses might cause other negative effects. Because magnesium inhibits blood clotting, it may increase the risk of bleeding or bruising in people with bleeding disorders. If you have renal difficulties or a heart blockage, you should avoid taking too much magnesium because it can make your symptoms worse.

If you’re taking any drugs, talk to your doctor since It Works Greens could cause problems, according to Supplement Geek. Because the chemicals in It Works Greens thin the blood, users should avoid taking it for at least two weeks before surgery to limit the chance of problems.

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