What Did England’s Traditional Clothing Look Like?



Traditional attire or national dress is not found in England, but it is found in other United Kingdom countries such as Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. The kilt and tartan are both well-known elements of Scottish national dress, with the tartan also being a feature of Welsh national dress.

Although England lacks a national costume, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales have enough to offer. According to the Learning English Network, men’s Scottish national attire comprises not just a kilt but also a shirt, waistcoat, and tweed jacket. Brogues are low-heeled shoes or boots constructed of strong leather used by the men. The tartan material is incorporated into pleated skirts or dresses worn by women.

Tartan trousers are worn by males in Wales. A lace cap and a tall black hat, like a top hat, are worn by women. They also wear a crimson scarf and a skirt and blouse with black stockings. The traditional Irish outfit consists of a shirt, pants, and long cloaks.

There have been previous attempts to design an English national dress. Henry VIII even went so far as to engage a designer to complete the task, but this, like prior attempts, failed.

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