What Do People in Greece Wear?



While the ancient Greeks were known for wearing togas, clocks, and high peaked crowns, the gladiator-like sandals are the only thing they have in common with what Greeks wear now. People in Greece nowadays dress in modern clothing, with more acceptable apparel for holy locations such as churches.

Women should wear long skirts when attending Greek Orthodox churches. A pashmina, shawl, or sarong should be worn over exposed shoulders. Long pants are required for men. Shorts aren’t permitted.

The Greek goddess style dress is inspired by a famous woman’s Greek silhouette. These gowns are usually made of chiffon and have an empire waist. It’s possible that the dress will have a one-shoulder strap. Dresses are sometimes cut quite low to make a deep V. Gold jewellery is the perfect accessory to pair with Greek goddess clothes.

Greeks are noted for their relaxed and comfortable attire. People on the Greek islands wore light-colored, breathable, loose-fitting clothing. Due to the uneven stony roads, comfortable, formal or casual sandals or flip flops are favoured shoes. Gladiator sandals in the Grecian style are similar to gladiator sandals in the Roman type. Sandals are often made of leather and feature many straps that keep the foot firmly in place. A snap or a buckle is generally used to keep sandals in place.

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