What Does Puerto Rico’s Traditional Dress Look Like?



Traditional Puerto Rican clothing is influenced by both Spanish and African cultures. Jibaro and Bomba civilizations are two separate cultural styles. Jibaro attire consists of multicoloured long skirts and white blouses for males and multicoloured long skirts and white blouses for ladies. For ladies, bomba dresses include flowing white skirts and blouses, while males wear white suits or colourful shirts.

The primary culture in Puerto Rico is Jibaro, which combines local traditions with those of the conquering Spanish. Jibaro clothing is heavily influenced by Spanish fashion, with flowing, colourful skirts for ladies and a basic shirt and slacks for males. Women sometimes wear flower bonnets or colourful kerchiefs in their hair, while men wear straw hats.

Bomba culture is predominantly African, and unlike Jibaro, Bomba is predominantly white. The Bomba style is inspired by the traditional clothes of the island’s African slaves. Men wear colourful shirts tied around the waist with ankle-length slacks, while ladies wear white skirts with vivid colours like blue and red as accents. Men sometimes wear a straw Panama hat, while ladies keep their heads uncovered.

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