What Is a Forklift’s Fulcrum Point?



Every forklift uses a cantilever system positioned on a fulcrum, which is the machine’s front wheel axle, to keep it balanced while carrying a weight. The cantilever mechanism works similarly to a teeter-totter, which likewise uses a fulcrum to function.

A balanced forklift, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is highly stable and capable of handling substantial weight. The fulcrum, also known as the pivot point, is the line that separates the machine’s weight from the load’s weight.

According to Forklift America, most forklifts have a load capacity indicated on their data plates. When analysing a load, the most crucial thing to understand is that every object being lifted has a centre of gravity, just as the forklift and load do together. This is why keeping the weight within the triangular space between the front wheels, or fulcrum, and the rear steering axle is critical for a forklift driver. This load arrangement is what makes the forklift steady when it’s fully laden. A weight that is too far away from the front axle will cause the forklift to tip forward, while a load that is too far to either side will cause it to tip sideways.

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