What Is “Goldilocks and the Three Bears'” Moral?



The lesson of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” is that individual acts have the potential to harm others, particularly when one person utilises or destroys another’s possessions. Furthermore, the popular fable emphasises the value of self-control and respect for others.

“Goldilocks and the Three Bears” employs repetition to emphasise the extent to which Goldilocks’ entry into the bears’ home without permission causes havoc. Goldilocks, who only intended to look about, is soon enticed by what she discovers. She tries two bowls of porridge at the bears’ house before deciding to eat the full third bowl. She then takes a seat in each of the three seats, finally destroying the one she prefers. Similarly, Goldilocks tries out each of the three beds to see which one she prefers.

The moral lesson that breaking societal rules, such as trespassing, has repercussions is reinforced by the repeating of three actions three times each, highlighting the difficulty of and necessity for self-control. Goldilocks is terrified and flees the house swiftly, although not apologising to the bears when they return home and discover her sleeping in one of the beds. The bears’ wrath and anguish are described in detail, which adds to the impact of Goldilocks’ actions.

Goldilocks eventually learns her lesson and resolves never to roam alone in the forest again, the situation that initially enticed her to enter the bears’ den.

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