What Is Pb’s Electron Valence Configuration?



[Xe] 4f14 5d10 6s2 6p2, or 2, 8, 18, 32, 18, 4 electrons per shell, is the valence electron configuration of Pb. The outermost shell has four valence electrons. The periodic table of elements places lead in group 14, sometimes known as the p-block, and Period 6.

The element Lead is represented by the symbol Pb, which is derived from the Latin Plumbum. Lead has an atomic number of 82, a weight of 207.2 atomic mass units, and a density of 11.34 grammes per centimetre cubed.

By burning the sulphide mineral Galena, lead can be extracted. At room temperature, it is a solid and melts at 621.43 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lead is a heavy transition metal of the carbon group that is soft, pliable, and blue white when freshly cut. It turns grey and loses part of its brilliance when exposed to air. Although lead is the heaviest non-radioactive metal, it is toxic and can harm the nervous system if consumed. Lead poisoning is a known carcinogen that can harm the brain.

Because lead does not corrode quickly, it is commonly used in pipes and paint preparations. Lead was once used as a gasoline additive, but it is now prohibited. It’s presently found in automobile batteries, ammunition, and radiation protection.

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