What is the average length of a Major League Soccer match?



A 90-minute Major League Soccer game is split into two 45-minute halves. A MLS game’s halftime is 15 minutes long. Stoppage time is frequently extended to games, extending them by a few minutes beyond 90 minutes.

The time that is added to stoppage time is kept track of by the referees. Although the teams are informed how much time is added to stoppage time at the end of each half, there is no visible game clock, so only the officials know how much time is remaining when stoppage time begins.

Two 15-minute overtime periods are played if a Major League Soccer game is deadlocked after 90 minutes. There are no sudden-death regulations in extra periods, so if one team scores, the game does not suddenly finish. Before the game ends, the full 30 minutes of overtime must be played. If the game is still tied after 30 minutes of overtime, the regular season concludes in a tie.

When the Open Cup playoffs begin, games that are still tied after overtime will be decided by penalty kicks. The winner is the side that scores the most goals from five penalty kick tries.

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