What Is the Average Weight of a 13-Year-Old?



According to CDC growth charts, the average weight of a 13-year-old girl or boy is 100 pounds. At age 13, girls weigh an average of 101 pounds, while boys weigh 100 pounds, according to statistics. Normal weight ranges for girls and boys are 75 to 147 pounds and 74.5 to 144 pounds, respectively.

The average weight of a child indicates that roughly half of the children of that age weigh more while the other half weigh less. From a percentile perspective, an average-weight child would be in the 50th percentile, with half of children of the same age in higher percentiles and half in lower percentiles.

Children with special needs may not conform to these growth patterns. At age 13, children with Down syndrome may weigh less than the average of 100 pounds. The best sources of information regarding a child’s specific growth and development are paediatricians and other medical specialists.

A 13-year-old may be below average in weight on his birthday, but by the end of the year, he may have caught up and surpassed the average. Teens gain and lose weight rapidly and may grow several inches taller in a short period of time, bringing them back to the average weight range.

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