What Is the Best Way to Set Up a Magic Chef Mini Fridge?



Begin by connecting the power cord to the Magic Chef tiny fridge. Close the door and set the thermostat to number seven. Set the temperature control to the appropriate level after 15 to 20 minutes.

The thermostat’s dial goes from one to seven, with one being the warmest and seven being the coldest. Any configuration, including spaces between full numbers, will function with the dial. The thermostat must be adjusted to number seven in order for ice cubes to develop in the freezer chamber. If the refrigerator is unplugged, wait three to five minutes before resetting it. The refrigerator frequently fails to function correctly if it is plugged in too quickly.

Place the Magic Chef tiny fridge in a location that is free of temperature extremes. The ground should be firm and level. Because the refrigerator will not function correctly in a recessed place, no wall or other obstruction should prevent the door from fully opening. Allow 5 inches of space between the wall and the refrigerator’s side. No extension cord should be used since the power cord must plug directly into an outlet.

The refrigerator should not be used if the power cord becomes damaged. The cord should be replaced by a certified technician.

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