What Is the Best Way to Troubleshoot a Fellowes Paper Shredder?



Clearing a paper jam, cleaning a dusty sensor, emptying the wastebasket, or restarting a Fellowes personal shredder are all common ways to troubleshoot a Fellowes personal shredder. Troubleshooting advice can also be found in the paper shredder manuals or by contacting Fellowes customer service at 800-955-0959.

If the red light on a tiny Fellowes personal shredder does not turn on, it is probable that the wastebasket has to be emptied. A safety interlock switch may have been activated if the shredder head was not properly positioned. Failure to come on with a larger shredder could indicate a paper jam or that the machine needs to be restarted. Switch the machine to reverse for two seconds and then back to auto to reset it.

If a Fellowes shredder continues to run, one or both electronic sensors in the paper entering slot are likely to be covered in dust or debris. This problem can be solved by simply unplugging the shredder, lifting any safety flaps, and wiping the sensors clean.

If the shredder stops working while shredding, it may take 30 to 60 minutes to cool down; once it has cooled down sufficiently, it may start working again on its own. It’s also possible that the shredder is jammed. It may be possible to clear the jam by repeatedly switching the shredder to reverse, then forward, allowing the shredder to run for a few seconds each time. If not, carefully take the paper out to clear the clog.

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