What Is the Difference Between a Blower and a Supercharger?



A supercharger is attached to the front of the car and connected to the intake, whereas a blower is connected to the block’s intake. A supercharger, for example, is belt-driven and merely forces air into the manifold. A blower, on the other hand, forces air and fuel mixture into the combustion chamber.

The size of superchargers and blowers also varies. Blowers protrude from the hood, whereas superchargers are concealed. A supercharger is a type of air compressor that boosts the pressure or density of air inside a combustion engine. It forces more air into the engine, increasing its density and allowing for additional oxygen intake cycles. A belt, shaft, gear, or chain attached to the engine’s crankshaft can be used to mechanically drive superchargers. Blowers, on the other hand, move air forward using centrifugal force. Because both blowers and superchargers employ forced induction, there is little difference in how they work.

Because of the displacement that occurs with each pump stroke, superchargers can be compared to pumps. Blowers, on the other hand, serve as fans since they apply less displacement while operating. Given that both are air compressors, there may appear to be little difference between a supercharger and a blower. The two, however, operate in distinct ways.

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