What Is the Difference Between Re-Bath and Bath Fitter?



The key distinction between Re-Bath and Bath Fitter is that Re-Bath provides full bathroom remodelling services, whilst Bath Fitter just instals bath tub and shower liners. Bath Fitter does not offer comprehensive bathroom design services, whereas Re-Bath does.

Re-Bath offers a wide range of bathroom services, including bath tub, sink, toilet, and cabinet installation. It also instals flooring and tiles, as well as increasing bathroom storage space. Shower enclosures, small shower shelves, and grab bars are among the bathroom accessories and small upgrade installation services offered by Bath Fitter.

Re-Bath provides vanity installation as well as bathtub and shower liners for existing tubs and showers. Vanity instals are not done by Bath Fitter. Bath Fitter, unlike Re-Bath, offers bathtub-to-shower conversions as well as wall instals that adhere directly to existing tile.

Re-Bath offers a large range of goods in a variety of colours and patterns. Bath Fitters has a restricted selection of designs, colours, and patterns because it mostly instals bathtub and shower liners.

Another distinction between the two businesses is the cost. When compared to a simple liner installation, a total bathroom redesign might be costly. Most high-quality bathtub and shower liners, on the other hand, cost as much as a full-service bath makeover.

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