What is the value of a Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1950 coin?



Most Bundes Republik coins from 1950 and later are of face value, while some pfennig coins may be worth more if they are uncirculated. The 50 pfennig with the inscription “Bank Deutscher Länder” is the most valuable 1950 Bundesrepublik coin, valued at roughly 800 Euros ($1036.76).

A 1950 Bundesrepublik Deutschland coin is valued anywhere from $0.10 to $20.00, according to UCoin.net, depending on its condition, markings, and value. A Germany 1 pfennig 1950 coin with the Mintmark “J” – Hamburg is worth $0.14, whereas a Germany 1 1950 coin bearing the Mintmark “D” – Munich is worth $18.34.

The inscription Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany) first appeared on coins in 1950, according to Wikipedia. The denominations of these coins were 1, 2, 5, and 10 pfennig. The mint mark on German coins denotes where the piece was made. For example, the letters “D,” “F,” “G,” and “J” stand for Munich, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, and Hamburg, respectively. Bronze, brass-plate, nickel, and copper were used to create the coins.

The German States, commonly known as Deatscher Länder, struck their own coins after WWII until the Bundesrepublik assumed control. As a result, many early issues are one-of-a-kind and valuable. When the country began to settle down around 1950, the mint became more widely spread and thus less valued.

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