What Kinds of Things Are Made of Copper?



Copper is a versatile metal with numerous applications. You might be surprised at how frequently copper appears in everyday things. Although copper isn’t the primary component of those objects, it can be found in a wide range of everyday items.

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Kitchen utensils

Copper is almost certainly present in the flatware on your kitchen table. A 12-piece silver-plated set of flatware contains around 1.2 pounds of copper, which is manufactured from an alloy of copper, nickel, and zinc. To make sterling silver tableware stronger, it contains around 7.5 percent copper.

Copper cookware has been used for years. If you look around older homes, you’ll probably find a lot of ancient copper cookware, and modern cookware also incorporates copper. Copper is preferred by professional cooks because it transfers heat well, and many cooking products now include at least a modest quantity of copper. Copper is on the bottom of the pots and pans coated between sheets of aluminium or stainless steel if you have any of the popular “clad” cookware.

Brass Objects

Brass is a copper and zinc alloy that is utilised in a variety of common things. Brass objects that you see around your home naturally contain copper. A set of brass fireplace equipment contains ten pounds of copper, whereas a brass fireplace screen contains twelve pounds. Copper weighs roughly seven pounds in brass lamps. Copper is used in clocks and watches since it is not a magnetic metal and does not interfere with timekeeping.

Brass is, of course, utilised in a variety of musical instruments. Copper is used to produce brass instruments such as trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and other forms of horns because it is antimicrobial and corrosion resistant. Other brass elements about the house, such as doorknobs, faucets, and brass beds and mirror frames, should not be overlooked. Copper can be found anywhere there is brass.

Materials for Construction

Copper is present in a surprising amount of the materials used to construct your home. Copper is a versatile yet sturdy material that resists corrosion and heat, making it a popular choice for a variety of building projects. Many of the pipes in your plumbing system are copper, and your sprinkler system is probably also constructed of copper.

Nails, staples, and screws, as well as the power tools that fasten them to wood and metal, are frequently made of copper. Because it is such a good heat conductor, it can also be found in your air conditioning and heating system. Many of the fixtures in your home, from the kitchen to the toilet to the locks and hinges inside and out, are made of copper.


Copper is a popular component in electronic devices. Copper is used in nearly all electrical wire, with the exception of overhead power lines, which use aluminium since it is lighter than copper. Copper is used in transformers, conductors, and motors because of its efficiency. Copper is used in television and other electronic device cables, as well as headphone cables, speaker wires, USB cables, and other items.

Copper is used in a variety of different forms of wiring as well. Copper is present in your cable box and the cables that link the TV to the wall. Copper is also found in your internet modem and the cables that transport data to and from your home or office.


Copper is used extensively in the transportation industry. The climate control and defrost systems in your automobile are mostly made of copper. Copper is also used in convenience items like heated seats and safety measures like antilock brakes. Copper and brass are commonly used in radiators. Even electric automobiles have a lot of copper in them, around 55 pounds. Copper is used in the manufacture of jumper cables as well.

A commercial airliner has approximately 118 miles of copper wiring, and high-speed trains travel on copper-laden tracks. Copper and brass are also used in ship components.


Although modern coins do not contain as much copper as ancient coins did, the pennies in your pocket still contain a modest quantity of copper. Copper made up 95 percent of pennies until 1982, but it now makes up only around 2.5 percent of a one-cent piece. Other coins have trace amounts of copper, but older coins have a higher concentration of copper, which adds to their worth.

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