What professions begin with the letter J?



Janitor, jailer, jeweller, jocky, judge, justice of the peace, and journalist are just a few examples of common vocations that begin with the letter “j.” Also beginning with the letter “j” are less prevalent jobs like judge advocate or Judge Advocate General.

There are a variety of colloquial words that begin with the letter “j” in addition to the more obvious jobs that begin with the letter. A serious jazz musician is referred to as a jazzer, jazzbo, or jazzman. A sailor is known as a jacktar, while a hunter is known as a jäger. A handyman or multi-talented individual who can perform numerous chores with expertise is referred to as a jack-of-all-trades. Three “j” words are also used to represent transitory or situational vocations, such as juror, jailhouse lawyer, and joiner, a craftsman who builds interior woodwork such as doors, moulding, or stairs.

There are also many “j” jobs that come from a different time or region. A jobber, for example, is a person who deals in stock exchange securities in the United Kingdom. Jongleurs were wandering minstrels who entertained people by reading lyrical poetry and singing in Medieval France and England.

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