What Types of Houses Can You Find in Antarctica?



In Antarctica, there are no ordinary residences, but there are manned research stations with comfortable living quarters, including bedrooms, kitchen and toilet facilities, living areas, offices, generator rooms, and communication rooms. Depending on their field activity, expeditioners and scientists also stay in various types of housing. Tents, shelters, and huts with food rations, lighting, and cookers are among the field accommodations.

Because of its harsh climate, Antarctica is the world’s least populated continent. It is the world’s coldest, windiest, and driest region, making it unfit for long-term human existence. The yearly average temperature is minus 57.1 degrees Fahrenheit, with a wind speed of 12.3 miles per hour. Because of its location at the bottom of the world, the region experiences long periods of total darkness in the winter and 24 hours of brightness in the summer. Even with 24 hours of sunlight, Antarctica’s temperature rarely exceeds 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite being entirely deserted, over 5,000 researchers visit the continent on a rotating basis to study the region’s life forms and ice, even in the dead of winter. During the summer, tourists flock to the region, with private shipping and aviation firms specialising in Polar cruises and commercial tours of the continent. The ships and planes used on the trips are often the same or identical to the expedition and navigation ships used for research, but they have been reconditioned to accommodate summer tourists.

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