Why are there no facial hair on Native Americans?



Although the majority of Native American men do not have a moustache or a full beard, this does not exclude them from growing facial hair. Although some tribes in the Northwest, for example, grow moustaches and even full beards, most Native American men prefer to keep their faces clean shaven.

One of the most popular myths about Native Americans is their inability to grow facial hair. It’s also a common misconception that Native Americans shaved their beards until the hair stopped growing. The several novels published by a German instructor named Karl May, who, curiously enough, never saw a Native American in his entire life, have fuelled this Native American image.

Many Navajo leaders had moustaches during the Long Walk period. In the past, bearded Native Americans were also documented. The Dominguez-Escalante expedition encountered a group of Paiute Native Americans from Utah who wore full beards.

It’s also possible that this subdivision of the Paiute tribe gave birth to stories that Spaniards were investigating the area at the time. Because of the Paiutes’ beards, some members of the Dominguez-Escalante expedition mistook them for Jesuit priests when they saw them.

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