Why Does Curious George lack a tail?



George the monkey likely lacks a tail because he is either a bonobo or a Barbary macaque.

H.A. and Margret Reys, his creators, are both deceased and have never addressed this pressing issue.

Monkeys almost always have prehensile tails, whereas apes never do. This is why discerning readers of the story are understandably confused by his lack of a tail. In the 1930s, when Curious George was created, smaller apes and even chimpanzees were frequently referred to as monkeys. Despite being taxonomically incorrect, this usage was acceptable at the time. George may therefore most closely resemble the bonobo or dwarf chimpanzee.

He could also be a Barbary macaque. Macaques are African monkeys, but this species lacks a tail. George is most likely a bonobo misidentified as a monkey, as he does not resemble a Barbary macaque.

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